How the garden took root

I’m no naturalist. But living in a small Perthshire village in central Scotland, nature is everywhere and you’d have to try pretty hard not to see it. We’ve been here twenty years now. We didn’t mean to stay that long, but somehow the years have slid contentedly by. And one of the most precious things about living here is that we can walk straight out of our front door with the dog and find ourselves among woods and fields.

But, in more recent years, I began to take these wonders for granted. After all, I sometimes did the same three-mile route not once, but twice a day. I thought I was bored with the same-old. Then a friend and I were out with our collies one afternoon and speculated as to how often we’d done that particular walk. But she said that she thought she enjoyed it more now that she knew it so well, because she could focus on the small details, the little things that change every day, every season, every year. And I realised that she was right. That was about nine months ago, and I have learned to look closely and to listen. Above all, I have reminded myself to wonder – at what we have even in and around land that is farmed quite intensively and what its flora and fauna might be up to.


This blog is a way of sharing these small things, opening my window on the world to those who also like to stop, listen and wonder. And before I know it, those small things have blossomed into much bigger things, at least in the world of humans.